Terms and Conditions

Please read the conditions of entry before booking your event.  On purchasing your ticket you will have agreed to these and entered into this agreement.

  • Tickets and gift vouchers are ‘non-refundable due to change of mind’.  This covers any unforeseen circumstances from our guests end such as sickness, accident or wrong booking.  Please choose wisely.
  • Strictly NO alcohol.  Anybody deemed under the influence of alcohol or any other substance will be refused entry without a refund.
  • You understand that you are participating in these tours/workshops at your own risk.
  • You should dress appropriately for the venue chosen.  Sensible footwear should be worn at all times. No thongs or open toes.
  • You agree to sign a waiver form on the night stating that you understand you will be working in the dark, so increasing the chance of tripping or falling.
  • There is no video or audio recording of the tours.
  • You are to remain with the tour and not wander off on your own.
  • No Smoking rules apply in all venues.
  • Venues, guests and tour guides should be respected at all times.  Disruptive, loud and unacceptable behaviour will result in the tour being halted and the person being asked to leave.  No refund will be given.
  • You understand that should your tour not reach minimum numbers, this tour could be cancelled or merged with an earlier/later tour time.  
  • Please note that some Ghost Tours & all Ghost Hunts are 18+.  Dark History Tours are not suitable for children under 15 due to the subject matter.  We have a duty of care to younger audiences.
  • By booking this tour, I waive the right to sue or make any legal claims against Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours, its staff or any venue we use during an Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons event.
  • Although rare, tours could be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or severe weather conditions, such as extreme heat.  If we need to do this, you will be moved to another suitable date or put into credit.


Our tours consist of walking and standing, often in warm weather or wet conditions on what can be uneven ground.  Please consider this if you suffer any of the listed conditions.  Our venues do not all have seating.

  • Difficulties with walking distances or standing
  • Heart conditions
  • Bladder conditions
  • Breathing conditions such as asthma
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Any injuries such as muscle strain or tendons
  • Any recent surgery
  • Advanced Pregnancy


  • Haunted Horizons has a ‘no refund policy due to change of mind’. This includes any unforeseen circumstances from the guests end such as sickness, accident or wrongly booked.
  • If Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours cancel your event, another date can be chosen or a refund given. (This does not apply if we simply need to change the time of the night).
  • Guest ‘no show’ on the night, will not be eligible for any refunds or credit.
  • Our Tours will be run whatever the weather, unless deemed unsafe.  If it is merely raining, the tour will proceed.