At Eastern Sports and Spinal Care we run both mat classes and equipment programs aimed at teaching clients to stabilise their spine effectively, strengthening their pelvic muscles and shoulder girdle to enable them to use this skill functionally in daily activities. All of our programs are tailored to suit the needs of the individuals in each class.

Our exercise approach is based on the Pilates method which addresses all muscle groups, correcting muscle imbalances; incorporates optimal breathing patterns, concentration and co-ordination and promotes specific and efficient movement patterns. All classes are run by a qualified physiotherapist who will ensure good exercise technique. Before commencing classes, all clients are required to have an individual assessment with a physiotherapist to determine the specific goals and needs of each individual.

In 2019 our government advised that health rebates could no longer be claimed for pure Pilates classes but that physiotherapist could still prescribe Pilates ‘informed’ exercises as part of an individualised program. At this practice all clients have specific exercise programs and are closely monitored by their physiotherapist. Their exercises are gradually progressed as they gain better strength and control working towards achieving each individual’s goals.

Our classes are suitable for rehabilitation post surgery or injury as well as for addressing long standing spinal and peripheral joint problems and chronic conditions to maintain optimal function and quality of life.

What is the Pilates Method?

Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates method of exercise in the 1920’s as a result of pursuing a diverse range of exercise regimes to help him overcome his own health issues.

He explored both Eastern and Western styles of exercise as well as ancient Greek and Roman Regimes. In merging these experiences Joseph Pilates created an exercise approach that considers both physical and mental conditioning. What sets it apart from a gym workout is the mindful presence and mental engagement with each exercise, constant self modulation and quality control.  Discipline and concentration are centred to this approach and are from the Eastern influences in Pilates’ Journey.

At Eastern Sports and Spinal Care we are committed to teaching good exercise technique and incorporate the Pilates approach to our teaching. We respect the history and philosophies of the Pilates Method and incorporate Pilates informed exercises into all of our Exercise Programs.

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