Are you experiencing Post Viral Fatique?

Are you experiencing Post Viral Fatigue?


After contracting any type of virus, post viral fatigue is fairly common.
In most cases the fatigue is short lived and there is a steady return to normal health and energy in a few weeks.
However with some viruses e.g. Herpes Simplex (chicken pox /shingles), Epstein Barr   (Glandular fever), viral pneumonia and Corona viruses, the fatigue can persist for a longer period of time.

Persisting fatigue and lack of energy are characteristic symptoms of the current Covid 19 infection and termed “Long Covid”

The precise cause of the post viral fatigue is uncertain but believed to be related to the body’s production of chemicals “cytokines” by the immune system to fight the virus.
Although severe and prolonged mental and physical fatigue is the main symptom, there are a range of other symptoms which may include headaches, widespread muscular / joint pain, sleep disturbances, concentration difficulties, feeling ill after activity, sore throats, tender glands, balance problems and feeling feverish.

Predisposing factors include lifestyles with little rest time, people with high expectations of themselves – the perfectionists, and those with prolonged exposure to stress and trauma.

In most cases post viral fatigue has a fluctuating course with symptoms being good on some days and flaring up on others. The outcome is variable and different for each person.
However early recognition/ diagnosis and symptom management is very helpful in managing this condition.

In managing Post Viral Fatigue the following key areas are very important:

  • Pacing – balance between rest and activity
  • Improving sleep patterns and sleep hygiene
  • Gradual reintroduction of exercise (minimal at first) through a graduated exercise program
  • Addressing unhelpful attitudes e.g. perfectionism
  • Improving stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Reasonable adjustments at work
  • Setting realistic goals

If you are an athlete, it is important that you follow a graduated plan of returning to exercise after having Covid 19. Initially you need to rest for 10 days from symptom onset and at least 7 days of being symptom free and be off all medication before starting your graduated rehab plan.

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