Pilates During Pregnancy

Why Pilates?

Are you expecting or just had your bundle of joy? Then this is the perfect exercise approach for you.

Research has shown that maintining good abdominal and pelvic floor control throughout pregnancy not only helps to maintain spinal and pelvic stability but facilitates a faster post natal recovery. Pilates exercises work on the deep abdominal, hip and pelvic muscle groups which are under new and increased loads through pregnancy. Futhermore it is low impact and a safe way to exercise.

Why Eastern Sports and Spinal Care?

Our physiotherapists are experienced in management of lumbo-pelvic issues and specialise in the Pilates approach to rehabilitation. The pre and postnatal pilates programs have been designed to address the specific exercise needs of women during this time. The program is run by experienced physiotherapists who have had first hand experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood!

Please note: an initial consultation is required before participating in this class.