GLA:D Hip & Knee Arthritis Management

At Eastern Sports and Spinal Care we run a specific program for managing hip and knee osteoarthritis known as GLA:D. GLA:D stands for – (Good Living with Arthritis Denmark) a program researched in Denmark and conducted world -wide with good results.

What is GLA:D?

It is a 6-week course of exercise aimed at improving strength and control for hip and knee arthritis.

Participants engage in 2 x 1 hour supervised group sessions a week as research supports this amount of exercise as the minimum requirement to gain benefits.

In addition to the exercise sessions there are also 2 x 45-minute information sessions which help you to understand the evidence for the best management of this condition. The first of these explores the treatment options available and what evidence shows is the best approach. The second looks at the difference between general exercise for fitness and exercise to manage a specific issue.

People who have participated in the course have reported improvements such as being able to descend stairs more easily, being able to bend to clean low down and being able to return to  recreational activities.

Everyone’s experience of arthritis, their degree of severity and their functional challenges is quite unique.

The research and recommendation supports exercise as the first treatment of choice. Many people who complete this course can delay or even prevent the need for joint replacement surgery. However, it doesn’t end there. It is my hope we can encourage people to continue exercising to maintain long term management and improve their functional lifestyle.

If you have hip or knee arthritis, particularly if you have a clear goal you want to achieve e.g., return to dancing, bushwalking, lawn bowls, or just managing stairs better, please call us on 83310606 to discuss how we can help you.

Please download our GLA:D Class Brochure!