Good balance is essential throughout life to enable us to walk on uneven ground, stand to dress, walk through narrow spaces, bend and pick up things, sidestep to avoid obstacles or save ourselves from tripping. It is much more than being able to stand on one leg.

There are many reasons why balancing declines as we age – but the good news is that balance certainly improves with specific training. We have several options for you to improve your

We incorporate balance exercises into our Pilates equipment and lifestyle fitness and classes.

Andrew also takes dynamic balance sessions for individuals and small groups (numbers dependent) drawing influence from Tai Chi where movements are slow and deliberate to develop strength and dynamic balance during movement.

We also have an online Balance and Mobility class once a week for those who prefer to exercise from home and are safe to do so.

The exercises in all our classes are tailored to the capability of each individual and gradually progressed as your balance improves.

Research shows the benefits of balance exercises are best gained by 2 x 45-minute sessions per week.

Don’t let your balance deteriorate any further – Let us assess you and Start recovering your balance today!