Chronic (Persistent) Pain Management

callNow_2Long standing pain conditions can affect every aspect of your life – work, home life, family relationships, social life and general wellbeing. Current neuroscience reveals that when pain persists longer than it takes for tissues to heal post injury, the nervous system behaves quite differently and multiple factors that are not related to tissue damage are involved in perpetuating the pain.

Strong research evidence shows clients who understand and apply current pain science to their own situations manage their symptoms much more effectively and regain control of their life.

The Chronic (Persistent) Pain Management Program at Eastern Sports and Spinal Care incorporates specific education
regarding current pain science that is explained as it relates to each individual.

Clients learn to recognize the triggers for their symptoms, to pace their activities, prograss their exercise appropriately to regain
muscle control and endurance and to apply these skills to practical activities around the home.

For more information please refer to our Understand Persistent Pain and Regain Control of your Life brochure.

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