Muscle Pain & Injury

Muscles can be injured when they are overstretched or overloaded.  Typically muscle tears e.g. calf tears occur with a sudden push off or change in direction that the muscle isn’t conditioned for but can also be strained from strong cramp.

Muscles are also injured if they are contused (bruised) from fall or something hitting them.

The injury to the muscle sets off an inflammatory reaction which is important to kick start the healing process and as the injury heals, scar tissue is laid down.

Some muscle pain can be due to compensation strategies due to another problem e.g. if you don’t use your core your hip muscles need to work harder to stabilise your pelvis and keep you functioning.  They can become overactive and painful.

After significant change in exercise habits after a relative sedentary period can result in the tendons (part that joins muscle to bone) becoming reactive and painful.

What happens if I have Muscle Pain or Injury?

If you have a muscle tear it is important that the scar tissue is aligned with the muscle fibers rather than becoming a matted scar and our physiotherapists can advise you on the correct exercises and when to start them to maximise your recovery and to return to what you enjoy doing!

They are also skilled in determining other possible causes of your muscle pain and getting you on the right path to recovery.


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