Joint Problems

Joint pain can occur due to wear and tear changes in the joint which results in the joint becoming stiff.  This alters the mechanics of the joint and may result in the joint becoming inflamed.

Increased loading on a joint as a compensation strategy for another problem can also make joints painful.

Inflammatory conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Polymyalgia also result in joint aches and pains.

Sometimes pain felt in a joint can be referred from another source e.g. some knee pain can be referred from the hip joint, some shoulder pain can be referred from the cervical spine (neck) and some hip pain can be referred from the lumbar spine (low back).

When a joint is inflamed it is often painful and can cause us to develop compensatory patterns and as it settles and may develop stiffness.  Typically in early stages of wear and tear a joint may flare up at times but will settle.

Specific physiotherapy treatment can settle inflammation, reduce pain and then regain range of movement and balanced muscle control and strength of the muscles surrounding the joint.

What happens if I have Joint Problems?

Our physiotherapists are skilled in assessment to determine the source of the joint pain and in delivering the most appropriate management to improve/resolve your symptoms.


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