Corporate and School Education

frontEducationWe deliver industry specific injury prevention workshops to businesses and education facilities to educate individuals on best practice injury prevention to optimise their comfort, productivity and well being.

Back Care in the workplace and Postural Awareness programs are the most popular in both industry and schools and core stability and specific stretching are popular with sporting teams.

We help participants understand how their body works and apply this knowledge to their specific situations.

Our workshops are interactive and include practical exercise options that can be performed in the workplace as well as at home.

Some of the programs we have delivered include:

  • Back Care for Linesmen
  • Optimal Workstation Set Up for Surveyors and Draftsmen
FYFE Engineering
  • Back and Neck Care for Cameramen
Channel 7
  • Postural Awareness for Stenographers
Adelaide Courts Authority
  • Postural Awareness to Avoid Neck Pain and Headaches in Year 11 and 12
Seymour College
  • Postural Awareness and Workplace Stretches  for Office Workers
Seymour College & Norwood Morialta High School
  • Don’t Let your Work Become a Pain When Using Laptops and Ipads
Seymour College – Yr 10

If your organisation would benefit from an interactive workshop to promote responsibility and active self management, please contact Libby Austin, practice principal to discuss your specific requirements.

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