Cancer Rehabilitation

A diagnosis of cancer can turn someone’s life around in an instant with the early management of focusing on the most appropriate treatment which may include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or a combination.

All of these treatments can have significant side effects including feeling extremely fatigued, having loss of mobility particularly after surgery or radiotherapy, loss of strength and lack of energy and sometimes balance disturbances.

This results in a much less active lifestyle than people had before and results in significant deconditioning.

PINC & STEEL Programs

Libby Austin is a certified Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation physiotherapist who works with both women (Pinc) and men (Steel) with all types of cancer both during and after their treatment to manage pain and regain mobility and to keep them as fit and well as possible.

During the treatment phase Libby works with clients individually but when treatment has finished she progresses clients into classes where we work on gradually regaining fitness, flexibility and strength in a very social setting.

With evidence showing that if clients can achieve 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio exercise and 2-3 resistance sessions per week the risk of recurrence and a secondary primary tumor being reduced by 59%. She wants all clients to achieve this if possible to improve the quality of their survivorship.

Next Steps

NEXT STEPS is a ten week recovery program suitable for those who have completed their cancer treatment.

It incorporates some pilates, some yoga and cardiovascular exercises and finishes with a relaxation sequence.

This is run during school term times when we have enough numbers.

Please register your interests with reception or by emailing


We are raising funds to be able to subsidise specific rehab sessions for Cancer clients to get them exercising appropriately for their circumstances, and on the road to  improve the quality of their survivorship and enable them to do the things they enjoy. To help simply click on the link to our goFundMe page